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A month ago I shared my kitchen cleanup on my Instagram stories and I got tons of questions about most of the storage items that I used. Most of them were purchased in the US but I found some here (and some similar ones) on Lazada. Linking all items for you on this post. Yaaas! You’re welcome!

1. Refrigerator / Freezer Organizer Bin

Photo from Amazon

This is where I store my fruits, veggies, protein/peanut butter powder, and seeds for my smoothies. But you can use them to store other things like snacks, cereal, ingredients for salad, etc. I got these from Amazon.

Find a similar one from Lazada.

2. Pop Containers

I own different sizes but these ones here are my favorite. Got mine cheap at Home Goods in the US, but they’re also available on Amazon.

I also found some 3 similar ones from Lazada here, here, and here.

3. Magnetic Spice Tins
These were from Bed, Bath and Beyond but found the exact same ones on Amazon that also comes with some cute labels. Also available in Lazada here and here.

4. Mug Hanging Rack

I found mine at Home Goods but found similar ones on Amazon and Lazada.

5. Tea Organizer
Tea Storage

Here it is on Amazon.

I couldn’t find the exact one on Lazada but found similar ones here, here, and here.  

6. Syrup Stand

Here it is on Amazon and also available on Lazada.

7. Seasoning and Oil Organizer

Seasoning and Oil Organizer

I purchased mine at the SM Department store a few years back. I haven’t seen it lately so it may not be available anymore. Not to worry, you can order a similar one on Lazada.  SO many options there actually.

8. Wine Rack
I use this stackable wine rack to organize our water jugs and canisters. Mine are hidden in the kitchen closet while Michael’s is displayed outside for easy access since he uses his daily. His I got from the SM department store. They are still available last time I checked for P229 only. But you can purchase similar one on Lazada, although more expensive.

I hope these help streamline your home even more and make things a little prettier and functional.

Happy organizing!


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Storage & Organization”

  1. Hi . I really appreciate you sharing these tips.

    I am also looking for the ones for labeling (label makers).
    I am going to start managing a beach house and I am looking forward to incorporating your ‘hacks’.

    Thank you again.

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi Lovelene! You can find my labeler under the “Clean & Organize” category in my Julie’s Pick’s Page here — Once you see it, just click on the thumbnail photo, and then click on the small arrow and it will take your right to the item. Even the tapes I use are linked there as well as other items you see me use. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Michelle Morrison

    I really admire your OCDness ate hehehehe. I want to do that once I own a home na 😊 thanm you for sharing

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