Different Workouts to Consider

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that I do different workouts. Why? Because I super love to workout! Ummmm…not exactly. It’s because I get bored doing the same workout every single day. I also noticed my body responds better when I do this.

I’ve been dancing all my life and you’d think that will help at least keep my 96-98 lb. ideal weight (to me!) back when I was (much) younger.  Oh how I wish that was true!  As I got older and my metabolism became slower, I started gaining weight even when I was still dancing at that time.  In short, your body gets used to that workout that you always do. No more challenge!

I tried doing just one of these workouts at least once to three times a week and I get bored AF! But that’s just me. I need variety and I need to change it up or else I won’t be getting off my older, lazy a$. Because believe it or not, I really do not enjoy working out.  And that’s the honest to God’s truth. I workout because I want to eat and not gain weight. It also helps that I’m disciplined (and vain). But if I could have my way, I’d just be eating fries and watching my favorite series on Hulu or Netflix all day everyday.

Anyhoo, allow me to share with you my favorite workouts. Maybe you’ll find one that will inspire you to get your bum moving.

1. Yoga

Most of you will be surprised to know that flexibility is actually not a prerequisite for Yoga. It is actually it’s result. You become flexible BECAUSE of yoga. Flexibility is just one of the many benefits of yoga, of course. I will talk more about this on another post.  If you’re new to this, I would recommend you enroll in one of the many yoga studios here in Manila so someone can check and correct your form. The studio that I have practiced in and would recommend is Yoga+. Checkout Yogaplus.ph for all their branches around the metro.

Another option is to do it at home. That’s what I have been doing this year. I like Fightmaster Yoga and Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

2. BBG Workout

Also known as Bikini Body Guide is a workout created by Australian trainer Kayla Itsines. I’ve been doing her workouts since 2014. My weight dropped to 96lbs in just 4 weeks of doing her workout. I thought of giving up on the first week, but I just kept on doing it until I became noticeably stronger.

Her BBG 1 is just a 31 minute workout, 3 times a week! I also do this workout at home while watching the news. Just so I get distracted and so that I don’t  notice that I’m getting tired!  Haha!  It works, promise!  Check our her IG page for incredible before and after photos of some of the people who do her workout.  It’s legit, trust me.

Kayla Itsines

IG: @kayla_itsines

3. Pilates

I only started doing Pilates in June and instantly fell in love with it.  It’s a slow (albeit hard) workout. I remember someone telling me before that it was easy. It’s a lie! Haha! My trainer Fiona at Options Studio always pushes me, so it’s never too easy for me.

Pilates is for the young and old There’s even this lovely lady in her 90’s who I see once in a while in the studio. One time, I also saw a pregnant lady on the Cadillac (one of the many Pilates equipments).  Occasionally, I would see some basketball players there too.  I wish I discovered Pilates when I was still dancing. Would’ve prevented a lot of injuries and made my body function at optimum level.

Options Studio4/F The Podium Mall, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, MandaluyongTel. No. ‭(0917) 529 3307‬

4. Indoor Cycling

The first time I tried this in the States, I hated it!  When I moved back here, my friend and Saddle Row instructor, Topper Fabregas, invited me to his class. I was late pa nga! Jahe! Anyway, the class was different because we actually had to move and groove to the beat of the music — like you’re dancing on the bike. Gosh, parang I wasn’t a dancer!  Kakahiya, man!  I couldn’t keep up and move with the whole class. I was out of breath and exhausted. Now I remember why I didn’t like indoor cycling!

Topper convinced me to give it one more try and so I did. Lo and behold, it was a better experience for me! I could now follow and more importantly, I enjoyed the class! That’s it! I was hooked! I also enrolled in their rowing classes and would alternate that with cycling during the week.  Go try his or Caisa Borromeo’s Class!

This is my go-to cardio workout!  I love it so much, I bought my own indoor bike! I use the Peloton app with it when I’m lazy to leave the house (*whispers…or when I’m being kuripot).  I first heard about Peloton from Hugh Jackman. ‘Cause you know, we’re close. Kidding! Saw it on his Instagram. Still, nothing beats being in a class. More fun that way!

Saddle Row

IG: @saddlerowph
Website: www.saddlerowph.com
Peloton: www.onepeloton.com

5. Boxing

If you want to torch some serious calories and/or need to blow off some steam, then this is the workout for you! I go to Flyweight Boxing studio in BGC.  I like the atmosphere there and the instructors are very encouraging. Some of my favorite instructors are Lala and Kelly. The men are very good too but gosh, it’s way too hard for me. I usually just take the Contender class which is the easiest. When I’m feeling strong, I take the Challenger class. Haven’t mustered enough courage to take the Champion class just yet.


IG: @flyweight.ph
Website: www.flyweight.ph

And there you have it!  I actually do other workouts but not as often as the ones mentioned here so maybe I’ll share that on another post next time. I know most of what I mentioned here may be expensive for some but, can you really put a price tag on good health?  One of the best investments you can make is for your health and well-being. I’ll end this post with something I shared on Facebook before…

Don’t ever think that buying good food and enrolling in a gym or fitness class are an expense…because it is NOT.  I’d rather pay the fitness instructor than the doctor. It’s more expensive to get sick these days.

What’s the most expensive bed? The HOSPITAL BED!  Invest wisely!


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