Our Balcony Facelift

Revealing an additional balcony refresh! In July, I laid astroturf and white pebbles on our dull gray balcony. But I wasn’t satisfied with just fake grass so this month, I added decking tiles, river rocks, and more pebbles. Sharing the whole process in this video. And…we are so happy with the results! Our balcony now is like an outdoor extension of our living space! I just love how it just opened up our space and makes the living room and the balcony flow into each other. 


I used the rocks and pebbles to surround the tiles which was perfect for the outdoor garden look I was going for.

Assembled it in one day by myself. The total number of hours to do the whole job, including laying out the deck tiles and placing the rocks was about…uh…15 minutes. 🤣

If you live in a rental condo, anything you put out there has to be temporary. It should be easy for you to take it apart without damage should you have to move. That being said, THIS is an easy way to cover the cement floor without damaging it.
Another project off my creative to-do list. I hope this gives you an idea on how to breathe life into your balcony or outdoor space. 🌿

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