Kitchen Reveal: A Budget-Friendly Makeover

We have somehow managed to transform an outdated space into something beautiful and we are completely obsessed! The hubs gave me carte blanche to renovate our kitchen; totally trusting me and the process. Thank you, my love!

Ok, please know that I am not formally educated as an Interior designer/stylist. Also, It’s a budget-friendly kitchen makeover. So if you think that it’s going to be like those glamourous Pinterest kitchens with pretty new cabinets, knobs, and granite countertops…it’s NOT. 😅✌🏼We just did our best with our limited knowledge of DIY-ing and with only a P5,000 (around $100) budget.
One day we will have our dream kitchen with quartz counter tops, shaker style cabinets, and herringbone pattern backsplash. But right now, THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT. 😁 It’s a good lesson on doing the most with your space on a budget to make it look nicer, functional, and also learning to love where we live now. Bye, 80s kitchen! 👋🏼😆
Please check my DIY Highlight on Instagram if you haven’t seen our stories on this kitchen refresh journey.
We will continue to update this kitchen so I hope you guys follow along.

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