About Julie

My name is Julie Eigenmann and I am a wife, mom, and semi-retired professional dancer living with my actor/director husband and one senior dog.

I love sharing my thoughts, workouts, travel photos, healthy recipes, beauty and makeup advice, DIYs, decorating, organizing, and home keeping tips. I also have a black belt in shopping so I enjoy trying out and giving real and honest reviews on the latest personal care and home products.

It’s true what they say about life beginning in your 40’s. While some may resist the transition, I , wholeheartedly welcomed and embraced it; looked at it as an opportunity for improvement and transformation.

I want to use my blog and social media platforms in a way that’s has meaningful and positive impact on people’s lives — to encourage, connect, inspire, and give value. This has always been my purpose from the very beginning. I don’t want it to be just about shameless self-promotion.

I use my own experiences to help other people feel less alone in this world. I have a strong desire to connect with people. So by sharing the raw version of my life, I hope my followers find a sense of connection to their own journey.

I believe when you can be a 100% yourself…the whole world will lean in to you. I hope my posts encourages and inspires others to hop off their phones and strive to become the best version of themselves and to live an authentic life.